About Us

Island Reining Horse Association (IRHA) is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting and encouraging the development of the sport of reining on Prince Edward Island.  Reining has seen an increase in popularity over the last decade and in turn, our membership has continued to grow.  If you are interested in the sport of reining, you may want to consider becoming a member.   

Reining is a rewarding and exciting sport that offers opportunities for all levels of riders. All reiners have to start somewhere; if you can lope, stop and back up, then you can go in a 'Green as Grass' reining class!  

IRHA offers a variety of learning and showing opportunities. We offer Reining and Ranch Riding shows and events. We often host seasonal clinics that offer instruction for beginner to advanced riders. 

The club is composed of members with a variety of skill sets, from those just learning to lope, to those that are competing at a professional level. The goal of the IRHA is to support one another and to enjoy quality time with our horses while learning the sport of reining. 

If you think IRHA may be of interest to you, please contact us directly at pei.reining@gmail.com for more information on this fun and exciting sport. 


The IRHA 2024 Executive: 

President: Maria Maund

Vice President: Jill Thomas

Treasurer: Dominica McCutcheon 

Secretary: Taylor MacKenzie 

Webmaster: Maria Maund 

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